A touch down of Michels Coté RV-4!
Finally in the sky!
After many years and 14 000 rivets, it finally flies on its own!
sunset Africa 1
nice sunset in 2001 in Africa
sunset Africa 2
nice sunset in 2001 in Africa
satellite near Orion
milstar spy satellite
3 sec long exposures
at 10 000 ASA
300mm f2.8
without any tracking

satellite and Orion
I was fortunate enough to get Orion and at the same time an old-not-working american satellite (millstar 3) just passed by
lunar halo 1
Beginning of a nice evening. Small halo around the moon. I decided to go to the river...more humidity...
lunar halo 5
there's apparently a 120 degree halo!
lunar halo 2
Wow! more structures in this now multi structure halo!
lunar halo 6
My first picture going in the Nationnal Geographic Magazine!...I received the cheque but I'll have to be patient!
lunar nalo 4
we can see the 2nd halo on top!
lunar halo 3
The central line did 360 degrees around me! There was even a small aurora on the left!
lunar irridescence 1
same thing as a lunar corona, but because of the different size of the water droplets, the colours don't make nice rings, they're all mixed up!
lunar iridescence 2
if we zoom in, we can see that there's no well defined structure
milky way
In Zambia, in the Southern hemisphere, the milky way is a lot more bright and detailled than in the North
taken with a 10 in sct of my friend and guitar tech extraordinaire: Laurent
Ze moon
solar halo
Didn't have my wide angle with me, so I did many pictures to make this "puzzle"
Shirley and Moon-bow
Shirley with its 96 wheels carrying a 300 ton transformer is resting on the side of the road. Above my first "moon-bow"
nuctilescent clouds 1
80 km high clouds that are still being shined upon by the sun who is under the horizon at 6 to 12 degrees
nuctilescent clouds 2
It only last a few hours here in James-Bay in July-August around midnight
Christmas halo 1
Dec. 25th the sundogs were so strong they were like rainbows
Christmas halo 2
On the top an inversed arc called the: Circumzenithal arc
halo bay 1
coming back from my expedition to find the Eldorado, we saw 2 sundogs
halo bay 2
the sundogs transformed themselves into arcs then halos
halo bay 3
the "V" shape on top is a very rare thing to see!
halo bay 5
a 2nd halo was visible
As the sun is going down, the "V" shape is getting stronger
sun spots
big sunspot of July 20, 2004. 5 picture stack
St-Joseph Oratory and sun
with 3 converters and a 400 mm lens. at 6 miles from Montreal
midnight suns!
Dec. 21st, the shortest day. multi-exposurers on the same frame every 45 min. reveals the suns height during the day...not very high!
green or blue flash?
Last part of the sun at a perfect horizon (normally!)shows a green flash. Occasionally we can see a blue one. In this picture, it looks like I have both of them!