departure from Toronto
after surviving 3 terrorist attacks in Egypt in 2006, I decided to go to the north pole to balance my life back to normal!
near greenland
nuctilescent clouds
radisson hotel in Helsinki
to remove the ice on my shoes!
going to Murmansk
solar halo going to Murmansk
starting to be an interesting trip!
Russian church

museum in Murmansk
big statue
Murmansk ship yard
the Yamal with its shark teeth!
50 let pobedy
50 years of victory
on the ship
build like a tank!
2 days at sea
before seing ice
meeting the passengers
a polar bear biologist and a camera man from the BBC where among many lecturers
the famous necklace
represents one of the firsts engraving of the sky
special guests
Rick fiendberg, chief editor of "Sky & Telescope" magazine, and John Parkinson who worked on the SOHO satellite
extraordinary lectures
my first caviar
maybe my's an aquired taste!
I took 10 lbs in 2 weeks!
16:30, pastries...hmmm!
open 24h/24 to the public!
other side of the bridge
polar library
post office
small red box on the wall!
my hot chocolate machine!
happy to see our first iceberg
first icebergs
blue ice
older ice is blue because of lack of air molecules inside it
then ice got thicker
my first midnight sun!
fireworks room!
we have to ask Neptunes permission to go to the pole...he said yes
they had to put a red mark on our nose to identify those going to the pole
russians love BBQ

a crazy cinematographer!
We got a lot of fun togetter
Fran josef land
last islands north of Russia
beginning of the polar ice cap
after 2 days of sea!
hot air surplus
a nuclear reactor generates a lot of heat!
desalination plant aboard
so much heat from the nuclear reactor that they make their own drinking water with the salt water
captain watching
the scenery becomes more and more white
thicker ice
it doesn't even move
very powerful ship!
not that cold!
james bay guy is ok wearing only his t-shirt!
a mI-8
we can fit 30 passengers in it
a few windows can be opened
but it makes a hell of a lot of wind inside...a price to pay for nice pictures!
middle of chopper
we can even stand up in it!
can break 10 feet thick ice
unfortunately, with global warming, we never saw some!
500 ft long
30 grams of uranium for one day
with the uranium on board, it can go for 4 years
the biggest ice-breaker in the world
20 years to build
the ice reforms itself in the back
still water on the ice!
seal breathing hole
seal holes by the thousands
predator not too far!
can smell a seal at 60 km!
very patient
can spend the whole day waiting for a seal!
we do spend a lot oftime watching the ice
solar corona
june 21rst, the sun is at 23 degrees up in the sky!
not too thick ice at the pole
supposed to be 10 ft thick!!!
almost there!
fog bow
same as a rainbow but with fog
it does move!
1/2 mph...not to bad for an ice continent as big as the USA!
finally arrived a the geographical pole on July 25th at 2:00 AM
July 25th, we made it in 4 days instead of 7. We broke the record!
arrived at 90 degrees
pole panorama
water everywhere on the ice!
3.5 Centigrade at the pole!!!
ice melts at zero... climate change really makes an effect here at the pole!!!
still lots of water at the pole!
another BBQ is getting preparred
getting off the ship
"one small step for man...a giant leap for Michel"
the temporary pole
placing ourselves for the official picture

everybody around the pole
no est, west, north...just south!
first order of the day at the pole: pop a balloon!
my first experiment
is the north pole sun hot enough to pop a ballon with a magnifying glass?
getting ready for a swim!!!
but hot for north pole water!
people where getting out as fast as they got in!
not too bad!
-1 Centigrade...cold!
solar halo atr the pole...nice gift!
impressive to see that ship parked in the ice!
at the pole
we found a parking!
what time is it on the side of the marker?
what time is it behind the marker?
no time to eat, i have experiments to do!
other experiment
to see the movement of the polar ice cap
nice day to fly
it doesnt go down, it moves horizontally
midnight sun
around the world in 80 seconds!!!
to laugh at the film:"around the world in 80 days"!
I can see the south pole sign!
polar bear guard
because in the past, they saw some at the pole!
for photography purpoises only!
north pole stamps in our passports
melted ice
they where right about the bears
not too long after we left the pole!
from the top
lets do titanic
james-bay guy in t-shirt
france girl in a pullover
Mexican girl and Iran guy
she never saw snow in her life. The first time was at the pole!. She found it cold and so that the photographer from Iran!
captain, iceberg ahead!
we're going to hit it!
left side of the iceberg!
so we made contact
it we're pushing it!
everybody went crazy!
big mountain!
even on the top I cant frame it, I'll have to go and get my fisheye lens!
so we puswhed it in the water for about 15 min!
we can see the ice under the water
every iceberg: 1/8 above water and 7/8 under the water!

and we stopped and let it go on

Franz Josef land
that's where the expeditions left to find the north pole or to find the north-west passage in the 1800s
we always went on the islands with the chopper...nic captain!
we where supposed to go in zodiacs...
didn't think I would see so many optical phenomenons in that trip!
small plant in a cup
frozen most of the year and grows only a few weeks of time. can be hundreds of year!!
while we're on an island, they practice pushing another iceberg!
well preserved buildings because of the ice
Fred Flintstone eating spare-ribs!
that whale rib was heavy!
the 1929 scientific camp
a madona for the explorers
red moss
the camp thaws a few weeks a year only
big rock with thousands of birds
tractor...doesn't work anymore!
dog sled houses
sometimes people stray many hours because the chopper can't see anything to pick them up!
last years forgotten visitor?
what is that?
red snow!!!
red algea groing in the snow
nice vacation house!
old boat
whales vertebra
is there a body under the rocks?
the mexican girl played too long in the snow!
polar bear skull
leftover of a north pole explorers camp
raindeers horns
funny name!
if you climb, don't fall!
eclipse chaser, swiss limo chauffeur and also tornado chaser...crazy guy!
yep, an AK-47
for the bears...well...against bears!
well placed!
double fog bow?
my nicest fogbow!
almost 360 degrees...didn't have the permission to climb up the black tower to get the complete circle!
back to Murmansk
with a big rainbow to finish the trip!
chief pilot
very surprised and happy for recieving my chopper-aurora picture. he recognized it...bell 206!
very happy co-pilot!
he showed me tons of crash pictures in his laptop...all pilots are the same!
in Murmansks airport
looks like an eclipse!
1rst monument for Sibelius
can't see anything!
looks like organ pipes
2nd statue for Sibelius
after complaints about the first one!
not my idea...
another tourist gave me the idea...everybody was laughing!