Coming back from Tadoussac, we went on a whale watching cruise with Croisières 2001. We saw a whale who got entangled in a crab cage coming from Forrestville
Not eating since that time, it's getting thinner and weaker
Thinking the rope is wrapped around it, it could be impossible to set it free from it
This whale has been coming annually in the region since 1994
When I showed them the picture, the captain notified the authorities saying that it could be freed by pulling on the rope or by cutting it since it's not wrapped around it!
I didn't think to bring my big lens thinking we would be close enough to see glad to have hauled it aboard!
They sent some of my pictures to specialists from the States and will do a plan of action soon!
I feel so good knowing that I helped save that whale!
Will see in the near future if the plan worked!