Bird reflecting on life
Outing from the CNPA club in North Carolina. Went to a place called: Mattamuskeet...probably the ancient name for Madam mosquito!
Photography = patience...
Day and night...
Night and day...
After a few days...
Don't let go!
eyes bigger than the stomach!
A very photogenic otter!

Nice trail!
Mother nature needs help...

Wavy orb in forest
Starry night...
Tall trees...
A bridge that lights them,

Pumping station impersonating a light house!
Not fast enough to put the N
wanted to do: I love Susan

Another place to do light painting!
The center is the north star

Looking for photographers leftovers!

I'm the king of the world!
like in the Titanic!

fishing lines and lures!
Don't need those things, says the kingfisher!

Need to get closer!

No, they're not bees!

Birds...not leaves!

Artistic long exposure!

jet engine in butt!

camo goose!

Lucky shot!
inmate number?

bad hair day!

I'm sure he's saying:Hi!

camo turtle!

You wanna see my new move?
Check this out!
Kung Fu fighting!
Snake tar tar!

Ahhhh...I'm so sleepy!

the flash reached!!!!
tried some long-beek-above-my-head-birds with the flash extender thing...hmmm it does extend!
A little goose planet!
A few bambis on the way back home!

melted snowman!
The hand of man finally!
In the CNPA nature photography club, it is forbidden to show "the hand of man" in our pictures...don't know why, it's so hard to find!