Arriving in Fiji after 17 hours of flight!
Ahhh the palm trees, the pool...paradise!
Swinging in a hammock
It's minus 30 somewhere on the planet...but not here!!! Paradise!
All aboard!
Nov 10th we leave
The Paul Gaugin
Our 5 star home for the next 10 days!
Eclipse minus one day
Lucky guy to get that shooting star...a Leonid by the way
After first contact
nov 14 th in the morning
partial phase
Solar crescents projections
From a big spoon, a sign filled with small holes
still a few minutes left
almost total
solar corona
earth shine
the sun's light bouncing back from earth to the moon. A long exposure with my camera stabilization system on a moving ship, gave me the chance to see the lunar craters. Maybe a first...who knows?
totality among us!
3 minutes of totality
front of the ship
the lunar shadow has a 200 km diameter and moves at 1 km per sec. At the horizon, a 360 degree sunset!
partial phases after the eclipse
it takes about an hour for the moon to leave completely the sun
solar projections on Susans face
hudesds of solar crescents!
in front of our banner