exterior of the Chapel
Located in New Mexico, it was made in 1878 in the fashion of Saint Chapel in Paris, France
the back of the chapel
The architect died during the construction
nobody knew how he wanted the choir to go up on the second floor
local carpenters had a few suggestions:
either make a long stairway by removing half of the seats in the chapel
or making a ladder,,, but the sisters didn't want to climb ladders nor did the girls and no way they would remove half of the seats!
they did a neuvena and after the ninth day, a stranger appeared in town on his donkey with a tool box looking for work
He proposed a spiral staircase...not seen very much at that time!
built without any nails, screws or glue, and mostly no center collum!
he left without being thanked for or paid.The nuns were frantically looking for him
many engineers saw it and cannot explain how it can stand with out any support
other mystery, the wood was analyzed for 15 months and cannot be found anywhere else on the planet!!! They named it: the Loretto Spruce
the wood could be in the spruce family but under the microscope, it has square cells unlike the regular spruce or any other kind of wood that has rectangular cells
people were scarred to go in it because the original staircase didn't have any raillings! So a few years later a local carpenter added some
Many think that a reincarnation of Saint-Joseph himself made this mysterious staircase!