ruperts river
ruperts river after they pulled the plug on it!
no more cascade on the left
there used to be a nice fall on the left side...not anymore!
right side of the island
we can clearly see all he rocks coming out on the right side of the small island
tons of rocks
near the bridge, tons of rocks can now be seen
left side close-up
sad for photographers!
Rupert's river
see the guy?

rainbow church
Lots of rain that year. With a litle bit of luck and sunshine...it looked like that!
LG-2 dam
Aerial view of the dam and the spillway. The dam is 400 feet high, 2 mile long. The spillway is 1 mile long, 450 ft wide and has 10 stairs 30 ft high
vic falls 1
The famous Victoria falls that split Zambia from Zimbabwe. When the sun shows up, the rainbows go crazy!
vic falls in a chopper
300 ft high, 1 mile long. The only way to see them completely is from the air!
vic falls 2
We can also walk on the Zimbabwe side but you will get soaked! This picture was taken in June after the rain season, hence the abundant water in the river
Roland falls
when there's water
same falls!
when there's not enough rain!