a Dart Vador night
find a 735 000 volt powerline, an 8 ft neon light and voilą!
it lights up by itself!
we can move
during the long exposures, we can become very creative!

blue wires?
After 25 years, I finally see this phenomenon for the second time, and this time, I'm equiped to capture it all night long!
change place
you have to leave the city lights and go in the dark!
we hear a weird sound
there are millions of small sparks on the wires
its called: ionization
you need lots of juice (735 000 Volts) cold weather, some humidity (rare over here!) that's why it took 25 years to see it again!
a spark not strong enough to create an electrical arc staying at a plasma state (not gas, not liquid, not solid)

wire close-up

find a 735 000 V transmission line
paint with light
with 2 flashlights

shine light everywhere
walking with the neon light
we can do many

Napoleon's hat!

close the blinds!
turn like a propeller
with a small LED little light
a spring?
modern art!