phases of the eclipse
partial phases and totality
Friend in Beijing
In the hotels lobby
Hard to see
pollution or permanent fog?
Arriving in Tian'anmen square
We're getting there!
Nobody on the grass!
very clean and respectual
Famous picture
Even from the other side of the street, it doesn't look clear!
guards for the flag
Everything to protect the flag!
Bothering the teachers and their students!
Just love their signs!
No bugle playing, no blue color and no exploding car!
Blue man in stairs
They really exist!
Lots of war statues
Tantrums are an international things!
The picture is huge!
Not the good country!
Here, they have the great wall of China, not the lamentation wall!
One of the many temples
Big cat
Forbidden city visit
Huge door stopper
Big door
What !!!!!!
The 2 ton bar is not enough, they also need a small padlock ???
Tons of details in their achitectures
Hmmm acient Chinese bath tub???
Ahhh, hot bath
Is the sundial at the good time???
Body piercing at its best!
Can't find them at IKEA!
One piece big stone
I'm singing in the rain!
In the hotels hallway
4 day old baby swallows
Mc Donald...mommy!
I'm full...bring me a bucket!!
The small wall of China!!
Bothering the students...again!
Another great sign!
No black motorcyle, No planting flowers, no crossing legs when sitting, don't leave a taxi empty, don't pee on the ground, again no bugle, don't bend your back to pick up stuff, don't kick the bowling ball, no AK-47, don't stand behind a dog making his buisness, no building demolition, no flashlight burning
They start very young over there!
Very hot!
A few solar panels, a motor, a fan and a hole in the cap...Ahhh portable air conditioner!
Beijing Planétarium
Foucault pendulum at the Beijing planetarium
An experiment that proved that the earth does in fact turns
Solar eclipse
A display that showes why Michel's credit cards are in the intensive care!!!
And it tastes the same!
Protect the trees!!
Protect the trees 2
Great wall of China 1
wall 2
Occasionally very steep!
Something is written on the wall
So that's where it came from!
Remember Bugs Bunny?
There was always a hole in the ground that went to China, so there must have been one to return...well we found it!!!
Defying gravity!
A duplex for guard dogs?
5000 km long
Spinning food on the turntable!
Like a Russian roulette!
Where's the bathroom?
3rd building, first floor!
How to climb on a cement pole?
pole 2
cute pasenger
our ship: the costa classica
1000 eclipse chasers
750 ft long
concert hall
hall 2
the walls are decorated with ceramics
hall 1
really nice concert hall!
hall 3
left side
hall 4
right side
a small tune?
I went to play a few evenings and nobody told me not to!
for lights and sound
outside view
main desk
a bit wavy
art food!
a thing with a horse
dragonfly invasion!
dragonfly taking a break!
food art
looks good!
biscuit house?
not the youngest!
the youngest eclipse chaser was 11 months
balancing act
not easy
on a moving ship its tuffer
opera singer
the gang
volcanic rocks
on the island of Jeju in south Khorea
not a canon!
a tree used to be there before the lava
small display
volcano picture
when it erupted
same here
the bears here also have those white "v" shape in the neck
not coming back!
one pole out: back in 5 min. 2 poles out: back in 30 min., 3 poles out: don't wait for me!
only 5000 left
some women go 70 ft under to sell what they found. 15000 where doing that not too long ago
maritime museum
a big whale...well, what's left of it!
fish display
one of 5000
volcanic rocks
weird creatures from the sea
found a ball!
volcanic rocks
we can see the pores
famous dragon
creatures from the sea
tons of food
sculptors on the ship
gained 10 lbs!
casino show
to make us think to go at the tables, because there was nobody playing...astronomers are not gamblers
our ship from a distance
2 buddies
they where with me on the Russian ice breaker for the north pole trip in 2008. They will also join me for the 2010 Easter island eclipse trip
Japan volcano
The brown stuff is the volcano in activity...they don't want to move???
Japan Kennedy space center

leaving Kagoshima
just before leaving
a drum show
they where good!
realy loud!
the skin didn't break!
magic show
there's a guy inside!
rubber man
milky way from the ship
rest for the night
costume bal
little statue on the ship
vending machines in Japan
cigarettes, pop and even beer in there!
the bullet train
300km/h...that thing is flying!
lakes colorful fish
no fishing here!
little fall