Zimbabwe is the first country to adopt severe laws against poaching rhinos...they will shoot you!
sunset over Vic falls
Sunset over those famous falls. This is where Tarzan was diving in the opening of the tv series in the 60-70s
dry season
Just add water and they will come! During the dry season, every creature is looking for water!
Deformed sunset due to the atmosphere
don't loose your head!
Every year, lots of creatures die from dehydration and we can see them everywhere!
finally water
After a while, we got to go in those small boats and the guide told me to get my hands out of the water because there are some snakes in the water!
lucky us!
Rare thing to see them during the day! They usually hunt during the night
nice view from here!
Watch your stuff, they steel a lot from the tourists
cave paintings
2 to 6000 year old cave paintings
cave painting
Amazing to see how they survived all these years!
Because of his short front legs, he has to kneel to be able to eat! He's praying!!!
rainbow lizzard
The male is colorful, the female is just brown!
better than pep...
I put water in the can trying to show them how to drink from the can...with no succes!
Very rare to see them in the sun as they can catch serious sunburns!
Favorite needle-tree of the girafs
Sometimes we do get pretty close to big creatures!
rush hour!
Look for the male!
baobab tree
One of the big trees of Africa. According to a legend, God took them out of the ground and replanted them upside down. That's why they look like roots!
elephant crosseing!
We're so lucky to only have an occasional deer crossing the road here. Over there, 5 ton elephants cross the roads...that will make a dent on your bumper!